Body Percussion Fun No.1 

What does Percussion mean? 

Percussion is when you strike or scrape one object against another to make a sound. There are many percussion instruments, like drums and tambourines. Can you name any more?

What is body percussion?

Body percussion is when you use your own body to make different sounds. It is amazing how many different types of sound you can find using just your hands and your body.

Before you watch the extracts below try to find four different sounds on your body. To help you start, a simple clap can be your first sound!

Watch this extract to get even more ideas:


Body Drumming 1: Beginners’ beats

Did you try to copy the body percussion? Did you notice that all the sounds were slightly different? They all had a slightly different character. Some sounds were ‘hard’ and others were ‘soft’ or ‘hollow’. We use the word timbre, to describe the differences in sound.

Try now to make up your own short body percussion pattern. Can you repeat the pattern to make a longer piece of music?

How might you write the piece down so that you will not forget it? You could draw pictures or maybe use numbers and symbols. Try to write it down now.                                                        

If you have a younger brother or sister, try to teach them your body percussion piece or if it is too hard – see if they can have a go at:

Popcorn – Beat and Body percussion 


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