1. Listen to the song and think about the meaning of the song in todays world. What do they mean by “We are here together?” Who are we? What are we in together?
  2. Listen once more without joining in to get a clearer idea about the tune and pitch changes in the song
  3. Now you are ready to join in. Play the song and sing along.
  4. When reaching the chorus, can you hold the highlighted words a while longer?


Every day we work and play
Learning ways to get along
Finding out what’s life about
Everybody moving on

  1. You are ready for the next challenge!
    There is a nice rhythmical pattern you can try to use to make the song more interesting. Using your voice and hands try the following pattern:

sh – clap – sh – clap, clap

Listen to RHYTHM 1 and learn the rhythm until you are very confident.

  1. Now try to keep RHYTHM 1 going throughout the song. Play the song and perform RHYTHM 1.
  1. There are many household items that can be used to make this song even more fun. For the next challenge you will need a table, a cup, and a spoon. Following the recording try the next rhythm:

Table – cup – table table – cup

  1. Can you invent your own rhythmical patterns, for example tapping on a pan, glass, plate, cereal box or shaking a half-full water bottle? Can you write your pattern down using a simple notation, like

Pan pan – plate – box – box

Now try to play your rhythm along with the song. Keep your writing in a safe place so that you can share it with your family members or your teacher when it is safe to do so.

  1. Well done! You have learnt a new song, composed new rhythms and performed them with the song.

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