Cello Exams

Junior Music Exam Cello

All the Vamoosh and Fiddletime books which you received when you chose to continue after the whole class year came with CDs. However you may not be able to play them, or you may have lost them, the following backing tracks are the same as the ones on the CDs

For each exam, choose your favourite three pieces from the listed pieces (from the books you have) and play them the best you can, often.

Vamoosh backing tracks for JME Vamoosh Book 1

Two contrasting pieces from the following list (All from Vamoosh books 1 and 2)

A String Hoe Down
Rolling Hills
Fiery Fiddler
Ode to Joy

Theme and Variation
To played from memory

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star



D and F majors 1 octave and slurred
in twos.
C major 2 octaves
A minor 1 octave

Separate with or without long tonic

Aural Tests

Help available here

Sight Reading

Material available directly from your CMS teacher

Fiery fiddler (slow practice speed)

Fiery fiddler (faster performance speed)
A String Howdown
Rolling Hills
Ode to Joy

Senior Music Exam Violin

The SME is a CMS exam and is the second exam you will take with us, usually in the 2nd or 3rd year of lessons. Exams usually take place at the Music Centre with a senior teacher from the music service.

Vamoosh backing tracks for SME pieces from Vamoosh Book 2


Two contrasting pieces from the following list (Fiddle Time Sprinters)

Allegro in A
Thirsty Work
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Farewell to Skye


All scales separate or
Arpeggios separate

B♭ major 1 octave
F major 1 octave
A Major 1 octave
D minor 1 octave
G minor 1 octave
C and G major 2 octaves

Aural Tests

Help available here

Sight Reading

Material available directly from your CMS teacher


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools offers a range of examinations all the way to university level and beyond. Exams take place 3 times a year and are held in various locations locally.

Syllabuses are available from the ABRSM here.

Grade 1

G Major Scale and Arpeggio
D Major Scale and Arpeggio
A Minor Scale and Arpeggio
C Major Scale and Arpeggio

Grade 2

C Major Scale and Arpeggio
G Major Scale and Arpeggio
D minor Scale and Arpeggio

G minor Scale and Arpeggio

A major Scale and Arpeggio

B flat major Scale and Arpeggio

F major Scale and Arpeggio

A5 Air (from Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet, ‘Peasant Cantata’, BWV 212)