Trombone Fun Tunes to Play

Fun Tunes to Play on the Trombone

Warm Ups

Lip Slurs

Havana TROMBONE tutorial
Unchained Melody for Easy Trombone
Sway - Easy Play Along for Trombone
The Drunken Sailor Trombone
Yellow Bird Solo Trombone
Scotland The Brave for Solo Trombone
Swing Low Sweet Chariot for Trombone
This Little Light of Mine for Solo Trombone
Baby Shark
Ode to Joy
Mary Ann
Post Sunflower
Polly Wolly Doodle
Old Macdonald
What a Wonderful World Trombone

Let's Play Trombone - Hot Cross Buns and more

Robin Hood 30
Give Me Joy in my Heart 40


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